Stone Floors & Walls: What We Do

Grout Restoration
Stone Chips & Cracks
Stone Floor Restoration
Marble Wall Restoration


Special industrial grade solutions used with a scrubbing brush to clean dirt off of grout as well as ceramic & slate tiles. Works particularly well on textured tiles.


Stripper solution that removes water and acrylic based waxes on a stone’s surface leaving it with its natural finish.


Higher grit resin diamonds which remove light scratches or dirt that has accumulated on the stone’s surface.


Resin diamonds that actually remove a very small layer of the stone’s surface in order to grind out deeper scratches or stains. Water is used to eliminate any dust.


Special metal diamonds which are used to level stone tiles or grind down concrete. Often, installations leave undesired lips or edges forming uneven grout lines. This often leads to the accumulation of dirt & grime in the grout. This process ensures that the stone’s surface is even throughout the entire area.


A special compound that can be used after a grind or as a one step procedure to restore a stone’s shine, depending on condition of the stone. Can also be used on most stone surfaces to remove light stains or scratches. Can produce a semi or high shine surface.


Removes a stone’s shine leaving it with a matte finish using lite abrasives. Also helps remove light scratches and stains.


A poultice stain remover that extracts certain stains like oil, rust and mildew without grinding the surface of the stone.


Repair cracks in the stone’s surface, cut out and replace cracked epoxy grout lines or replace old and missing epoxy. Repairing cracks while they’re still small will prevent further damage. Color is matched as close as possible.


Re-grout travertine floors with sanded or unsanded grout to replace cracked or missing sections.


Used on brand new or newly refinished stone counter tops or floors using a premium silicone impregnator which sinks down into the stone’s pores, keeping stains from penetrating the surface. Color enhancing sealers can also be used to help bring out the stone’s character.


Regularly scheduled refinishing sessions that can be done weekly, monthly or annually to ensure the stone remains looking new. Crucial for high traffic areas.